After a 2.5 hour long ride we arrived at Valkenburg where we had to perform in the well known caves of the local city. We’ve had lots of fun on the way there, we were laughing and singing, so it was a great extra rehearsal.

Shortly after our arrival we entered the cave and we thought it would’ve been cold. We were all dressed up and we were wearing our thickest jackets. But instead it was really warm inside and it was a very lovely, warm and friendly environment. A few minutes later after we had a tour through the caves and after we met the staff of the location itself, we walked across the street to the restaurant that is also located there and we sat down to dine before the big show.

Then it started. The guests came walking in and the show started, we helped the staff with the diner and sung our hearts out. Four hours later we were done. We were ready to go home, but luck was not on our side. When walking to the bus we noticed that the bus was standing a little lower then it used to do. We had a flat tire! 2.5 Hours away from home. So we called the ANWB (the Dutch roadside assistance).

After waiting for about 45 minutes they finally arrived and we were happy as we thought we could get on our way after a few minutes. Unfortunatly that was not the case. The man couldn’t change our tire on his own, so he called in assistance of a collegue. After a few minutes of waiting the collegue arrived. With some struggeling they finally managed to get the job done. So to thank them we sang them a song (“You are my sunshine”). They laught and applauded and thank us for our singing. They left, we also left and resumed our way home. This was an adventure we wouldn’t forget!

A Big thanks to our hero’s from the ANWB, you are awesome!

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