At first; our waiters will set your guest at ease and give them a warm welcome.
And then the big suprise.

They turn out to be fantastic singers! Once inside they’ll provide live background music.
In the middle of the crowd, entertaiment, service and last but not least a swinging party.

But make no mistake, the singing waiters are also perfect for your candlelight dinner, corporate party or wedding.

Thanks to Tessa our rehearsals are always smooth and structured. Even though her colleagues might give her a hard time with that. We always appoint her as first contact for the kitchen and partylocation, because of her efficiency. As a dancing and vocal therapist she always knows how to touch hearts. Tessa always starts a perfromance full of energy. But always falls asleep on the way back home.

Sweet dreams, Tessa!

Marcel is our pacemaker. It’s always lots of fun when he’s around. From Dutch singalongs, till timeless classics; he does them all! As founder of the Theatre Waiters, Marcel is CEO, financial director, planner, receptionist, caterer, toilet lady, etc, etc. Marcel is the man of many diplomas.
His most praised one is that of lyrics juggler.

Bertina is our lyrics miracle. She knows all the lyrics by heart; even our lyrics and vocals. Bertina is like a whirlwind through the room. You have no idea how many miles she walks on an evening. Seriously. As a conductor of multiple choirs she’s always the one to have total control, even over us.

Or so she believes.

Henk is our galant singer who melts the hearts of women during our shows. He is the one to talk to when it comes to computers and our website. Henk has been following singing lessons at Jimmy Hutchinsons for years and is frequently asked for musicals. But you can also come across him as a stilt-walking firebreather or some other character he is playing.

Very typical of Henk.

Siebrig is the small but frolic center who sings the highest notes of all singing waiters. After her education in singing and schoolmusic at the conservatory, she started educating as a singing and music teacher. When it comes to music, she can do nearly everything. And she’s speaks German like the best!

“Danke” Siebrig!

Pim is our tough guy who keeps us young. He went from streetkid in the musical Oliver! to graduated enterprising artist. We don’t think the evening is complete untill he has sung ‘’No woman, no cry’’. Pim carries the fullest serving trays and the most plates. And he also defends our country!

No, our temperamental technician isn’t Spanish; he’s a thoroughbred Catalan! We always arrive at our destination thanks to him and his Catalonian GPS. He’s in charge of our microphones and sometimes he even joins us to sing along!